Rethinking Medical Device Business Models
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Rethinking Medical Device Business Models

Current volatility and the upcoming surge and shift in elective surgeries is forcing medical device company leaders to rethink existing business models.

The procedure surge and shift is coming post Covid-19 with hospitals stretched to capacity and no definitive end in sight. This dynamic may create a new norm for the way medical device companies contract implants, supplies, and services with outpatient ambulatory surgery centers - a process traditionally conducted at the facility level without the sophistication of large hospital network resources.

Medical device leadership is searching for ways to effectively use this time without elective surgeries, and employees working remotely to rethink their existing business models to align with the surge and shift coming to move business forward.

The “keepers of product content”, generally marketing departments, are subject matter experts in the products they support along with their competitors. There is no better time to use this new-found bandwidth to focus on aligning internally with sales, contracting teams, and most importantly customers to improve contracting and communication habits.

Do you provide customers a simple method to communicate product information?

Are you transparent and objective about product feature parity and/or differentiation?

Do customers have confidence in your cross referencing response?

Do you use evidence to support your cross referencing response?

Do your products have a voice or are they stifled with subjectivity?

If you answered no to any of the above questions you are not alone. Many medical device companies lack the tools to analyze and scale their product portfolio, accurately and confidently communicate back to customers, and gain market share using competition product comparisons. It’s why we built Relatable - to offer medical device companies easy to use software to communicate, capture, and analyze customer product utilization and  move the business forward.

When the time is right, send us an email or schedule a demo through our website and we’ll show you how you can position your company to align with the surge and shift in elective surgeries post Covid-19.


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