High Potential Leads.
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High Potential Leads.

Relatable Healthcare helps device companies and their reps generate high potential sales leads.

Medical device representatives (reps) have followed the same, traditional sales process for many decades:

  1. Rep calls a facility, administrator, or physician (sometimes all three, many times) and convince them he or she has a product worth exploring.

  2. Rep attempts to schedule an in-person meeting with a physician, where he or she is given a minuscule amount of time to persuade the physician to give his or her product a try.

  3. Physician uses the product and decides if it is worth pursuing further.

  4. Physician switches some existing usage to new product and over time may switch all usage instances to the new product. Or none.

This process is very time consuming and presents numerous roadblocks. Often, it is nearly impossible for a rep to schedule time with a new doctor. Some doctors take meetings just to stay up-to-date, but have no intention of switching their current products. Further complications arise, such as: does your medical device possess all necessary characteristics this physician is looking for? Are there other products in your portfolio that might be a better fit? Are there other products they might be interested in purchasing as well? The traditional sales process makes navigating these questions and procuring new business difficult for representatives and a sales team.

What if there was a more direct way to sell medical device products to interested parties?

The Relatable Healthcare Software Platform helps healthcare organizations, facilities, and physicians evaluate their medical device usage and spend. Our software assists with the education of new products, new features, and the understanding of price points. In order to do so, Relatable houses a robust database of devices and supplies breaking down each into relevant characteristics. This database powers intuitive dashboards and computer automation - giving administrators and physicians the answers they need.

Many of the insights Relatable’s software provides are built on the ability to quickly access and compare devices. This has generated an entirely new sales process:

  1. Physician is unhappy with current product and/or would like to explore other options

  2. Physician or administrator searches and compares products within Relatable, deciding which are worth further exploration or trial

  3. Administrator contacts medical device company or local area representative and sets up a time to review products

  4. Device rep now knows who is interested, what specific products they are interested in, why they are interested, and often what products are currently being used

  5. Device rep creates tailored sales pitch outlining why their product is superior and has legitimate shot to gain market share with this facility or physician

There will always be opportunities for the traditional sales process, and we understand that. The new sales process created by Relatable easily compliments current processes, increases awareness of your products, and creates new sales leads for reps - by simply having a name and phone number attached to data about the product.

Relatable Healthcare is growing and gaining momentum for all the solutions we offer healthcare organizations. We are actively looking for partnerships with both medical device manufacturers and healthcare organizations that want to provide and buy the best products at the best prices.

If you are a healthcare organization, facility, or surgeon interested in what we can do and how much money we can help you save - reach out. We would love to start a conversation with you and show you a demo of our facility and surgeon solutions.

If you are a medical device manufacturer or a representative looking to increase market share through novel sales processes, automation of RFP responses, and heightened awareness of your product portfolio - we would like to talk with you as well. Let’s discuss what obstacles we can help you overcome, what structured product data we collect, and how we can help you maximize reach.

Relatable’s database currently includes well-structured data from hundreds of medical device manufacturers and nearly 100,000 unique products - and is growing daily.

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