Relatable News: Becker's Healthcare
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Relatable News: Becker's Healthcare

Relatable Healthcare was recently featured in an article published by Becker's ASC Review.

The article titled As heart, spine & orthopedic cases shift to ASCs, implant pricing may change: 5 takeaways states:

The migration of cases from acute care settings to ASCs is changing the way medical device companies approach implant contracting, according to Relatable Healthcare.

Historically, ASCs have negotiated cost or cost-plus payer contracts on implants, while representing a small portion of business for device companies. However, those opportunities may not always be available, and ASCs typically receive a lower reimbursement rate than hospital settings.

Relatable Healthcare predicts medical device companies will seek alignment with surgeons and ASC management organizations.


If you would like to see the entire article on Becker's ASC Review website, it can be found by clicking here. Big thank you to Becker's for the mention!

The Becker's article is based on a recent blog post titled The New Status Quo by Relatable's CSO, Clark Charlton.


Relatable Healthcare's proprietary software platform provides actionable business intelligence for medical devices. Our recent multi-facility study identified significant opportunities for alignment between medical device companies, surgeons, ASCs and their management companies. The Relatable software assists with data standardization, analytics, and insight cultivation to drive the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost in every healthcare facility.

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