Advisor Spotlight: Dr. Hal Mathews
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Advisor Spotlight: Dr. Hal Mathews


In this week's Advisor Spotlight, 
Relatable Healthcare would like to introduce Dr. Hal Mathews

Dr. Mathews is a board certified orthopedic spinal surgeon who practiced spinal surgery for 22 years. He is considered a pioneering and innovative spine surgeon, national surgeon educator, society leader, researcher, and patient advocate, and is recognized by his peers as a pioneer of minimally invasive spine surgery. Dr. Mathews was recruited from clinical practice by Medtronic Spine and Biologics in 2005 to become their Vice President of Medical Affairs, and later served within the capacity of Vice President of Clinical Affairs, ultimately becoming Chief Medical Officer.  After completing his MBA in 2009, Dr. Mathews has served on various boards and has extensive experience in private equity, early stage startups, PMA approved medical devices, and pre and post approval commercialization.

Dr. Mathews is a society fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery; former member of the Board of Directors of the North American Spine Society; former member of the Board of Directors of the Spine Arthroplasty Society; and member and past President for the International Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. 

Why Dr. Mathews is excited to serve as an advisor to Relatable Healthcare:

The medical device industry for all musculoskeletal implants has expanded tremendously over the last 30 years.  With this exponential growth, challenges in comparative research within each category and the proven safety and effectiveness of each device is often difficult to ascertain for patients, clinicians, and all stakeholders involved in the circle of care delivery.

Along with this confusion, transitioning devices from bench-top research to bedside often involves GPOs and hospital purchasing committees who are forced to understand new devices verses old and the value of any technology considering known information of often different comparators.  The confusion and lack of definition of important variables during process of purchasing decisions is definable through consistent nomenclature and classification of devices, along with known research of comparable devices and historic utilization, to educate key stakeholder on current and important components of value to their healthcare system.

Those companies, organizations, committees, and individuals involved in the procurement of medical devices will appreciate how Relatable Healthcare defines and streamlines a chaotic process so that patients benefit the most from their decisions.  I am pleased to work with the Relatable Healthcare team on this exciting new platform that transcends locally inefficient processes into actionable business intelligence for success of all stakeholders in the value care proposition.


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